Eigenart @ Speakers’ Corner

opening Thursday November 19th from 6 to 9 pm
exhibition from November 20th to 26th from 11am to 7pm
Spazio Sanfermosette
via San Fermo 7, Brera – Milan

split chevalier @Eigenart web


Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday, November 19th with the first episode of Speakers’ Corner. From 6 to 9 pm, Sanfermosette will present Eigenart, the new project of jewellery by Valentina Romen. Continue…

danze popolari

Folk Dances.

During the “Bolzano Dance Festival 2015”, the shop windows of the Atelier Kompatscher in Bolzano will host the latest collection designed by Valentina Romen: Folk Dances. Small wearable sculptures in bronze, gold and silver.  Unique pieces created by hand. Curvy bodies capturing the act of movement evoked by music.

The jewels of the collection have a stylized design, in line with the most contemporary forms of artistic expression. Characters dancing as a couple represent the traditional Breton folk dance and can be worn both embraced to one another or alone.  Valentina’s jewellery should be worn freely to discover how its movement naturally flows in harmony with one’s body.

Danze Popolari Volkstänze


Atelier Kompatscher via Dr. Josef Streiter 2, Bolzano, Italy, from July 9 to 18.

collaborations: francesco mainardi

bronze cufflinks designed by designer Francesco Mainardi
the project is inspired by philosopher’s stones and volcanic pebbles and is part of a men’s collection that includes a ring for the series “chevalier” and a tie-clip for skinny ties